Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Eleven Writing

How has the way strangers treated each other different on this day?

On this very sad day, everything happened. In the morning at 8:30, a plane hit the first Twin Tower. A while later at 9:08 a.m, another plane hit the second Twin Tower. After the planes crashed, everyone was being treated nicely. Strangers were helping people they didn't know.

When Alex and NuNu go on the bus, they have a contest where they look out the window and they have to keep a straight face while looking at strangers. It is hard because people have a bus face ( A bus face is where they just look at the kids on the bus weirdly.) so it makes it hard. On that one day, when they were going to play that game, everyone looked at them and gave them a nice smile. Strangers were helping people get out of the towers and helping them walk to where they would be safe. 

It was a hard job to do, about 30 minutes later, the first Twin Tower collapsed still with people inside. All the firemen were trying to get the people out in time. Not everyone survived the first Twin Tower collapsing. Then, the second Twin Tower collapsed. Only a couple people survived that one too. Smoke and debris covered lots of New York. It was crazy! 

Everyone was extra nice, kind, and extremely friendly. This wouldn't really happen on a normal day in New York. Lots of times people don't care what other people are doing or where they are going. Strangers don't go up to people and say, “What are you doing” or “Where are you going.” On that day people wanted to make sure everyone got home to their families. That task was very challenging. Strangers from all over New York helped out big time. A lot of people didn't get to come home because they didn't survive the attacks of September 11, 2001. We will always thank the strangers who helped and who really tried. We will also remember all the people who had died from the attacks of September 11, 2001.

How to make a Glogster

How to make a Glogster!

Have you wanted to make your posters on an iPad? Well now you can! Glogster is a poster app. You can use it for a project or just for fun. Many people use this app and say it is very cool. Use these instructions so you can use it too!

a project or reason 
an electronic device
the app Glogster downloaded and functioning
an idea of what your presentation will look like

Before Glogster
Plan your idea on a piece of paper. 
Make a any adjustments that are needed.
Think: your Glogster needs to be readable and easy to follow.
Keep it simple or make it awesome!

During Glogster
Use the tools to make your project snazzy.


This will make your project from boring to not boring.
Click on the button the says walls.
Now click on the background that goes with your project.

You can always type in things that you need.
Click on the button that says text.
If you want to have heading then click heading.
That is the same for other types of writing like paragraph.
After you get what you need, use the text to type in what you want.


Now you can put your videos in your presentations.
Click on the button that says images.
Now click on the picture that you need.


Your videos can be put in your presentation.
Click on videos.
Now click on the video that you need.


Audio is so you can record your voice.
Click on audio
A box will come up so you can record your voice.
You can always record your voice again.
Tip: make sure that you are close to your device when you record.


Now you can put images and videos from the web in your presentation.
Click on web.
A little screen will pop up with the web in it.
Don't forget to put your sources in.


 Graphics are images show a lot of different things.
Click on the button that say graphics 
Pick the one that you need

The trash is place for all of the unwanted materials go. 
Drag the item you want off of your project.
Pull it close to the trash until the lid opens.

Now you can design any way you want to! Have fun!!


Heading: a title
Paragraph: a segment of information, 4 to 5 sentences.
Poster: a board is usually filled with information about a topic(s)
Glogster: an app that you can download in the App Store. It is a poster app that lets you design in your own way.
Functioning: working properly 

The glogster app 
Drawing Pad

Glogster Example

What Makes the USA Special to Me?

What makes the USA special to me? 
It's of course that we are named the “Land of the Free”
I love that we all have our own pride
And thanks to our Military, we don't have to hide
Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and the Navy too
They all sacrifice their lives for me and you
I love how our country is always brave, tough and strong
And I love to sing to the USA’s National song
I love to learn about all of the country's nifty sightings
Especially reading all of the famous president's writings 
I love how our country has its own Liberty and Justice for all
And it makes sure that the American flag will never fall
I love all of the places you can go to in the United States
The park, the beach, even school with all of your classmates
I really enjoy how we always keep this amazing country clean
I admire how there is not much dust to be seen
I love our government and all of its fair laws
Oh, right now, they totally deserve an applause 
Thanks to George Washington we have all that we need
Can you believe he fought for us?
 That was such a good deed!
He did it for our country, once and for all
He made the USA and he made it stand tall
Once again, what makes the USA special to me? 
It's the people, the places, and that we are free! 

Gossamer Writing

Inesh Parikh- Gossamer Point of View Vocabulary Story

              Fastidious: First day of her new assignment without Littlest One:

I methodically climbed up the front steps of my new house. It is a good thing that I am away from that little nuisance. I never liked her. Though I should have been a little more sentimental to her. She asked so many questions. I finally get a new house with nobody to disturb me. Woo-Hoo! This is going to be great. I looked around and her house is so dull. I actually felt some sympathy for the person who lived here. I’m done looking at the whole house except the basement. I am usually a minimalist but today I wanted some action by walking all over the house. As I descended down to the basement I saw a lot of pictures but what shocked me was downstairs. It was astonishing! There was a milion photos. This women was in her 100’s! There was photos of her traveling the whole world and about her family. It turned out that the old-old women had a very good life. Then I saw the most astonishing photo. About the animal I fear the most, A cat! 

I then went back up. I was a little frightened but what if that photo was old. I went back to my happy thoughts. I soon reached the really old woman's room. She was sleeping very nicely. I earnestly bestowed a dream for her which came from the basement photos. Well, my work here was done. I will return to the heap now. Then I heard a colossal sound. It made me immobilized. I was bewildered. After a few seconds, I knew who made the sound. The cat! When I turned around, I saw its menacing face. The cat was almost kind of poised to eat me. I ran as fast as I can. The cat was catching up to me. I didn’t have enough time to disappear. I sneaked past some doors. Then I saw the front door. I was almost there but the cat just jumped out of nowhere blocking my path. “MEEEAAAAAWWWWWWWW!” The cat said. I was so scared and I thought about how I should have just stayed with Littlest One. LITTLEST ONE! I just thought of the best idea. I always told Littlest One not to flutter unless needed. We’ll now was the perfect time to use it. I easily fluttered out of the house. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

 P.S (I just included this) Aftermath: After this, I went to a new house. My personality changed. Soon, Littlest One (now Gossamer) was the leader. I was third in command in the heap. I was now nice to Littlest One. I was respected by others. My life was way better! I also helped get Rotund get back to being on the good side (My sequel called “The Good Sinisteed”. I wrote about this in my Gossamer Test). When you think about it, Littlest One (now Gossamer) might of saved and changed by life. Thank you Gossamer!  

Investwrite Writing

                                                       Investwrite Writing

You are on a plane. The plane is going to drop soon you will have to jump out. If you jump out of the plane without a parachute, you will die. Luckily, we do have parachutes. You have to chose between two parachutes. A Hasbro Parachute and a Mattel Parachute. The better company’s parachute works. Have you picked a parachute? Not to change your mind or anything, but I will tell you why I would pick the Hasbro Parachute. Listen closely because your life may depend on it. 

I think Hasbro is a great company. When we bought it in the Stock Market Game, Hasbro costed $75.03. We bought ten shares (my group’s name is the Stockers). Now it is all the way up to $78.51 (10:11 A.M 3/18/16). Hasbro had actually almost went up to 80 once. Hasbro is one of our best companies in the Stock Market Game. Hasbro Overall is a great company, but let's get to the main topic. Is Hasbro a good long-term investment? I think Hasbro is a good long-term investment because Hasbro sells a lot of products. They also get a lot of advertising. Every month, they make new products. If one fails, the other one works. Hasbro also has some of the most popular board games. Now, that gets us to the next topic which is what products do Hasbro make.

Hasbro makes things that kids (from babies to teenagers) . Can you guess what it is? If you said that Hasbro makes games and toys, you are correct. Hasbro makes things for babies and also for teenagers. They even make games for adults. I think 98% of the people who have kids and have a home, have or had a Hasbro product somewhere. The Hasbro board games I have are Sorry, Clue, Trouble, and Battleship. I might have even more games of Hasbro! Wow, that is a lot of Hasbro games for me! I think that a lot of people have a lot of Hasbro games just like me. To think, I have no Mattel game but have so many Hasbro games. Well, that brings us to the next topic, who are Hasbro’s competitors. 

Hasbro’s main competitor is Mattel. Like I said before, I have a lot of Hasbro products but no Mattel product. Hasbro and Mattel are kind of the same because they both make toys, but Hasbro makes way more board games then Mattel. Hasbro is a old company. I think Hasbro is a better company then Mattel because if it wasn’t for Hot Wheels, Mattel wouldn’t have even been close in the race for best gaming company. Also, Hasbro sells way more products then Mattel. Even with Hot Wheels, I think Hasbro is way better then Mattel. I am pretty sure that a lot of people would agree with me.

I think Hasbro is a better long-term company then Mattel because I am pretty sure that Hasbro will keep on creating more games for a long time. They will also continue to create other versions of the already popular games. I think Mattel will run of ideas and then will have to rely on their best products only. People would slowly become bored of those games because they have played it too much. They would want different games. If Mattel can’t make more new games, they would have to close. Then Hasbro would be the only major game and toy maker in the Stock Market. It would probably rise a lot because of that. I know I am getting too far ahead but what I just said is definitely a possibility. Do you agree with me? I hope that I could predict the future so I could know for sure. As I have explained above, I think Hasbro is a way better company then Mattel.

Overall, I just want to say that Hasbro is a great company to buy especially long term. It is one of the best and I know it will be one of the best a few years later too. It is making money for me in the Stock Market game and I know it will make money for you if you buy it in the actual Stock Market. I gave you so many reasons so I hope you understand why Hasbro is such a great long-term company. Hasbro may not be one of the best companies ever, but for me Hasbro is pretty legendary.

Okay, I will give you ten seconds if you want to pick a different parachute….Jump!
                                                             After You Land:
 Congratulations, you stayed alive because you picked the Hasbro parachute! Like I said before, my essay might save your life!
 -All this is possible because of the app Market Watch. 

Eleven Writing

                                                             A Scary Day ( 9/11)

     6) Write a story about one of the Muffin People and what they may have seen that day.

It was a great day! Full sun and perfect temperature. I was heading to my office. Let me correct myself, it was a regular day until everything went wrong. Let me introduce myself. I am Tom Kawasaki (20 years old). I work at World Trade Center as a Stockbroker. I will start from the beginning. I was just walking down the street. “Hey Tom” Billy said to me. He was one of my good collegges. “Hi” I said back. It is such a good day. I continued to walk and there it was, the huge World Trade Center. The center held some of the most modern buildings in the US (the twin towers). The only problem was that I had to work on floor number 104, the highest floor in the North Tower. I went up the elevator in my office. I said hi to Billy again. “Hi Tom” Billy said back to me. I asked him if you want get coffee in the 40 floor and he said yes. Little did I know this would be my luckiest decision in my whole life.

 Billy and I had our coffee and were starting to go back up. We entered the elevator. Then we heard a bang. BBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!! LIGHT SHATTERED! THINGS BROKE! EVERYONE’S HEART WAS BEATING! Me and Billy were at the 100th floor at the time. Then everything went quiet. We were both shocked! Then we began to fall. “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Billy and I said. We were falling pretty fast. The only thing which slowed us down was some of the wires which were under us. Then I saw a way Billy and I could escape. I knew it was the only way out alive.

I told Billy my idea. My idea was that because of the blow to the electricity, the door kept on opening and closing. It wasn’t that fast so at right time, we could jump out. Me and Billy held hands. We knew one wrong second and we would die. We knew we needed perfect timing to get on a floor. Then I saw the perfect opportunity. “GOOOOOOOO!” I said. Then we positioned our feet, and jumped. I then looked around. WE MADE IT!

I knew there was no time to celebrate. We were still on the 55th floor. We knew that anything could happen, and it did. Right at that second the whole air tank exploded. BAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM! Everything exploded and then the floor set on fire. “ HELP US!” Billy said. Then we saw a woman stuck. “Help me!” she said. We had to get her out. Billy and I pulled and finally got her out. The woman thanked us but we all knew that we needed a plan. We were trapped in the fire for a long time. We couldn't think of any idea. Then I saw a little hole to go to the stairs. We went through at the hole and made it to the stairs. We knew it was time to run for your life and that is exactly what we did.

We ran and ran down the stairs and then we were on the second floor. We were so close and then when we just reached to last floor everything went wrong.BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG I heard and we knew that this was not good. We ran and then everything began to fall on us we passed the front door. Everything was shifting our way. We ran for our life's. We ran so hard that it was crazy to think that I didn’t make track team in high school. Then Billy fell. “Help!” Billy said. We pulled him out we kept on going and going. Then the whole tower fell behind us. For the first time I felt relief. Billy, the Woman, and I all knew that we just made it.

Well, after that I headed home. When Family saw me they ran to me and hugged me. It was a big group. By the way, I have three kids. And we all lived happily ever after even though this was not a fairytale. It was more like a nightmare.

Meanwhile: Billy went home safety too. He had 2 kids. We also later found out that the lady's name was Sonia. She thanked us so much. I found out that she worked on the same floor that I worked in. She was also getting coffee. What a coincidence!

Should Kids Lose Recess Due to Bad Behavior

I Think That Kids Shouldn't Lose Recess Due to Bad Behavior 
  With research showing benefit of recess, more schools limit or ban taking away recess to punish students. Researchers say that kids play is coming more creative even though the time to do it shrinks. Also a Stanford study shows that recess is a very important part of school. Well organized recess programs put student in important play and prepares them to learn when they are in class. Recess is most children favorite part of the day. 

  Yes I agree that you should punish kids, but I think you should do it in a different way. Instead of taking away recess you should send the work they don't finish home for homework or have them do it during their free time in the classroom. Play time is just as important can be as important as class time for helping students performed to the best of their abilities. Recess is most children favorite part of the day. It can be an important time for developing social skills

               Recess is important because it allows kids to run around and get rid of energy. Being active helps stimulate the mind. Having recess talks away the school day. It gives your brain a break. I don't think kids should lose recess due to bad behavior because recess is important for kids social skills.Their social skills won't get any better and their behavior won't get better either. Their social skills won't get any better because they will not be talking to their friends. This is a problem because that will make that kid behind the others. It might be the only part of the day that they are able have time to socialize.  

                Recess is important because children are able to get fresh air. That is important because they are in a building all day. The students who lose recess are the ones who need it the most. They need it because they need a break from doing work. Keeping them inside to finish it doesn't allow them to run around and be free. All work and no play doesn't make a happy kid. Breaking up the day is always a good thing. That is why i think taking away recess is a bad thing to do.