Friday, January 15, 2016

The Attack of Purple Tornado

Hibernae was a regular brown bear who was very shy, smart, brave and, of course, sleepy. One night, Star Tail, a lioness who was patterned like the night sky, alerted everyone that they had to gather the war council. Square Bot smiled worriedly when everyone entered. He said, “My data screening shows that our nemesis, Purple Tornado, is approaching.”
“Oh no,” said Sun Paws, taking his seat around the table. “you all know what happened the last time.”
Hibernae looked around the table at everyone's nodding heads. They were all older than her so they had more experience, she wasn't expected to fight anyway since she was mostly known for sleeping. Everyone began murmuring and Hibernae listened for anything that might help her. 
“He's so...big!”
“...can only be defeated by magic”
“...very dangerous”
“You remember all the destruction…”
Prophetic Voice interrupted everyone by saying, “Everyone, quiet! We need to protect the the lab, the castle and make sure Purple Tornado can't get through the portal and hurt anyone else. Disappearing Tiger and Star Tail, you should guard the portal,” Disappearing Tiger nodded his head, “Sun Paws and Waves In The Sky will be at the castle, Square Bot and I will guard the lab.”
“But...what about me?” Hibernae asked, “Where do I go?”
“ Um…”Prophetic Voice started,
“Don't worry about a thing!” Star Tail interrupted with a smile.
“Ok.” Hibernae said dejectedly  and she walked home as the meeting hall once again filled with voices.

Once home, she flopped on her bed and tried to fall asleep but for once she couldn't. Suddenly, she heard a whooshing sound and when she stuck her head outside, she gasped. It was so windy that stones were flying past like leaves and Hibernae could barely keep a paw hold! She finally forced her way outside and dug herself a hole hoping she would be safe from the storm. She huddled in it for what felt like hours listening to the wind howl and her wind chimes making awful noises. She was just thinking, ‘oh I wish that this awful storm would stop!’ When suddenly, everything was quiet. Hibernae cautiously opened one eye and saw purple, everywhere. She closed her eyes again because the purple looked like it was spinning and she was getting dizzy. 
“Oh little bear,” she heard  a deep taunting voice call from above, “come out from your hole.”
She was, frightened but she was no ‘little bear’ so she leapt out of the hole and troweled in the direction of the voice. She spun around in a full circle until she saw the source of the voice, a towering, swirling, purple figure. In a word:Purple Tornado. (Actually that was two words but, whatever) Not wanting to show her fear, Hibernae growled even more fiercely. Purple tornado just laughed his booming laugh as Hibernae took a tentative step towards him.
“Oh, look,” he taunted, “the sleepy bear has finally come out of her little hole. And while she was sleeping, she didn't even notice what my troops did to her precious house.”
Hibernae quickly swing her head in the direction of her house and gasped, before her, stood what used to be her beautiful, peaceful house In ruins. Angry and upset she hurled herself at Purple Tornado who easily moved to the side, not anticipating this, Hibernae had to skid to a halt so that she wouldn't bang into a tree. She spin around and glared at Purple Tornado who smiled he charged again this time this time knowing that he would sidestep, and when he did, she followed but was suddenly spin around and flung against a tree. Dizzy and even more angry, Hibernae sat down to think. ‘Well, he can only be defeated by magic, so I think I'll get Prophetic Voice over here.’ 
“Oh, none of your friends can help,” said Purple Tornado, “I've knocked them all unconscious. And after I do the same for you, I'lL head through the portal. Mwahahahaha!”
“Wait,” started Hibernae, “you can read people's minds?”
“No, you just said the last part about getting Prophetic Voice over hear aloud.”
“Well, anyway,” Purple Tornado continued,”on with the duel!”
And so, Hibernae lunged and slashed and ducked and charged over and over again. When Hibernae was getting really tired (Purple Tornado hadn't even broken a sweat, of course, because tornadoes can't sweat) she felt a strange sensation, even more sensational than déjà vu,  and suddenly she was just as tall as purple tornado! ‘This must be the magic we need to defeat him!’ Hibernae thought to herself. So, being the smart and brave bear that she was, she lashed out and with a signal blow, Purple Tornado was no more! Hibernae found her friends and when they came to and she had told them her story, they were so astonished and proud of her that they made her the hero of the month. 
The next week, it was Hibernae’s birthday  and everyone came to her house that had just been rebuilt by the village yellow. After the cake and entertainment, it was time to open gifts! Sun Paws and Star Tail hauled in a giant table and when Hibernae looked at it she saw that ingraived in the top was a picture of her fighting Purple Tornado.

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